VMS Sustainable Printing Policy

At VMS, we believe it is our responsibility to engage and promote sustainable printing practices within our business and our industry. We will work with our customers, suppliers and partners to maximize the use of environmentally friendly materials and green print processes whenever possible. We will actively share our results with stakeholders and continually educate our staff with the best environmental practices available.

Visual Marking Systems will identify, monitor and comply with all environmental, health and safety regulations stated under local and federal law. Commit to a culture that continually improves environmental business activities. VMS will consistently recognize environmental continuous improvement projects. We will continually educate employees on all applicable environmental, health and safety issues and will motivate our staff to find ways to improve their processes and activities though continual sustainable performance.

VMS will work to reduce or eliminate sources of pollution within our influence. We will work on planning, process management, and more efficient use of consumables. VMS will recycle materials and resources whenever possible. This will include pollution prevention, source reduction and recycling material.

VMS will identify, monitor and comply with all applicable labor laws. We will go beyond regulatory compliance and measure our results and will acknowledge corrective actions when necessary. VMS will identify and share our goals and initiatives with all stakeholders including employees, customers, suppliers and the community at large.

VMS will establish a means of communication to use the information above to serve the interests of both customers and the global community. We will continue to grow our sustainable initiative in size to reach our goal of ultimate customer satisfaction. VMS will implement change, improve processes and motivate our employees to be creative professional individuals. VMS will actively promote a safe work place and manage our activities to celebrate successes.