On Tuesday, June 11, VMS hosted the Summit of Sustainability Symposium. The event offered attendees a chance to tour VMS’s sustainable infrastructure and learn about the application process for the 2013 Summit of Sustainability Award (SOSA).

As the inaugural small business winner of SOSA, VMS was in the unique position to help other Summit County businesses focus on their sustainability efforts in order to apply for this important award.

Twenty attendees, representing thirteen companies, viewed the videos from last year’s SOSA winners including the Akron Zoo and VMS and meet with representatives from companies including local county government officials and this year’s sponsors; First Energy, Dominion, and COSE.

Guests were welcomed by VMS CEO, Dolf Kahle. Speakers included Patrick Bravo, Deputy Director of Community & Economic Development, County of Summit, Molly Becker, Director of Communications & Marketing, Metro RTA, Doug Piekarz, Vice President of Planning & Conservation Planning, Akron Zoo.

Guests learned about the upcoming SOSA application process from Paula Davis, President & CEO, Keep Akron Beautiful and Cindy Pantea, Administrative Assistant, Keep Akron Beautiful. Tours of the VMS facility ended the symposium.

It was clear from the speaker’s comments that buy-in and investment in sustainable business practices must come from within a company’s employees.

The City of Akron is committed to honoring organizations for the sustainable business practices used to help Summit County save energy and money, create more transportation choices, preserve clean air and bring economic prosperity through the process. The Summit of Sustainability Award helps publicly supported organizations that have taken the initial steps to become a sustainable business. Last year’s winners of SOSA were Bridgestone of America, Visual Marking Systems, and the Akron Zoo. The award is exclusive to Summit County businesses and non-profits located in Summit County.

Summit County businesses are encouraged to apply in one of the five new categories for the October Awards breakfast.

More information on SOSA can be found at http://www.summitofsustainability.org/
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