transport-imgTransportation Signage

At VMS, we work with our customers as strategic partners to provide attractive, economical and technically sound graphic solutions that are necessary in today’s growing transit industry. Our team of sales consultants is highly trained in the industry’s ever-evolving safety standards. This ensures that the graphics in your vehicles and stations are not only compliant but are also safe and effective in any situation.

VMS can produce transit signs for a variety of different transportation vehicles including railcars, trains, subways and buses. We understand the importance of attractive exterior and interior signage to help identify your authority and aid in safety assistance.

We are able to create unique products including exit signs, exit locator signs, ceiling hangers, window emergency exit signs, low-location exit path markings and more. These products leave the interior of your vehicles and stations safe and well labeled.

The VMS team will help you create, design and manufacture compliant transportation signs and transit graphics.

VMS & Public Transportation Industry:

• First Certified Manufacturer of High-Performance Photoluminescent (HPPL) Graphics in the US All High-Performance Photoluminescent (HPPL) Products Ship with Proof of Certification to meet APTA Compliance Standards
• Leading Provider of ADA compliant Graphics and Signage
• Graphics are Fully Compliant with Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Regulations
• Way finding & Station Signage
• Serves on APTA Business Member Board of Governors and other APTA Committees

Globe Transportation Graphics and all affiliates are now Visual Marking Systems, Inc.