Fleet Vehicle Graphics

Fleet Vehicle Graphics & Wrapsfleet vehicle graphics

Advertise your company using the most cost effective way possible and turn heads 24/7 with fleet graphics and vehicle wraps by VMS. We offer a wide range of custom vehicle graphics, varying from single decals to complete vehicle graphic wraps on small cars to full size semi-trucks. VMS can help you start your vehicle fleet graphic production from design and manufacturing to installation and removal, allowing VMS to be your one-stop custom vehicle graphics shop.

To ensure quality and accuracy, VMS utilizes the following steps in Vehicle Graphic Processes:
• Design
• Prototyping
• Printing Processes
• Installation & Removal

Reap the benefits of working with Visual Marking Systems:
• Choose from a variety of programs designed to service one vehicle to a fleet of vehicles
• Customize your marketing campaigns with short term or long lasting vehicle graphics
• Experienced graphic artists will turn your sketch or pre-developed images into reality
• Performance Warranties are available on our products
• 3M Preferred Convertor

The following statistics illustrate the effectiveness of using vehicle graphics:
• 91% of people notice the words and pictures on fleet vehicles
• 75% of people develop a favorable impression of the company when vehicle graphics are used on their fleets
• 29% of people would base a buying decision on impressions gained from fleet graphics
• Don’t pass up this opportunity to market your company!
• Statistics reported by the American Trucking Association (ATA)