Get High-Quality OEM Products That Stand Up to Demanding Industrial Environments

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) rely on decals, labels and overlays for product identification and to convey safety information and operating instructions, so it’s critical that those visual communication tools aren’t only aesthetically appealing, but:

Can withstand harsh environments
Offer quality, practical solutions
Are custom-made to your exact specifications

For more than 50 years, Visual Marking Systems has been producing graphic overlays, labels, and decals for OEMs in demanding environments, and our products stand up to the test. As a market leader in supplying custom graphics, branding products, and safety and warning labels for OEMs, VMS has the experience to meet your company’s visual product identification, label and decal needs and help you stand apart from the competition. 

No matter your industry, whether you need heavy duty equipment decals or a custom flexible label, our products stand up to your demanding indoor and outdoor applications.

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Transform Your Brand

Let VMS transform your company’s brand in as little as three steps: design, print, install.
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Design: Discuss your project with us, and we'll begin designing your custom solution.
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Print: Your custom graphics are printed and carefully inspected by our team to meet your quality standards.
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Transform: Your custom printed graphics are installed, and your brand is visually transformed into a recognizable industry leader.

How Labels, Decals & Overlays Are Used for OEM Equipment and Industrial Machines

OEM applications for labels, decals and overlays are varied and include industrial equipment and machinery, packaging, hand power tools, HVAC equipment, lawn and garden equipment, electronic equipment, electrical components, heavy-duty agricultural and mining equipment, automotive, health and exercise equipment, outdoor sporting equipment, medical equipment and more. 

In order to focus on effective quality systems for increased efficiency and customer satisfaction, 
VMS is ISO 9001:2015 certified, which helps to ensure peace of mind and promotes confidence in our work. 

Industrial Equipment Overlays

Polycarbonate overlays, faceplates and nameplates printed by VMS provide a clean, finished look that communicates vital information to the equipment operator and offers a durable control panel surface that can withstand repeated button presses.

OEM Product Identification

In need of product identification labels that are as durable and strong as your own merchandise? VMS utilizes the latest technologies to provide custom printed identification labels as resilient as your product. With personalized service, flexibility and quality assurance, VMS offers products for virtually any application.

Domed Urethane Labels

Domed urethane labels printed by VMS offer an attractive and durable option for product identification for companies trying to get the most impact from their labels and decals.

Prime & Pressure-Sensitive Labels

Prime and pressure-sensitive labels are a great choice for product identification and are easily applied to various types of packaged products such as food and beverage containers.

Roll Labels

Customized roll label solutions are perfect for high-quality, full-color projects for fully customized marketing campaigns or even in packaging and product prototyping.

Lincoln Electric Achieves Substantial Savings With Polycarbonate Graphic Overlays

Improved Performance and Durability With the Polycarbonate Graphic Overlay

Production Costs Reduced by 30 Percent

Added Design Options, Improving Look and Preservation of Corporate Branding

Are your current labels problematic? Let us do a free GRIP analysis.