Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) and First Article Inspection

Visual Marking Systems understands many manufacturers may have their own first article inspection and PPAP. Often the purpose of PPAP is to confirm that suppliers have properly understood all the design and specification requirements for the components they supply and the manufacturer has the capability to deliver products that comply with those requirements.

As a valued service to our customers, VMS offers PPAP and first article inspection to ensure a high-quality finished product with an innovative, aggressive and ethical approach that exceeds customer expectations. First article inspection is key to limiting product defects in your finished products, and our team prides itself on making materials that our customers can proudly display on their products for years to come.

Critical Elements of PPAP and First Article Inspection

• Process owner exists
• Process is defined
• Process is documented
• Links of process are established
• Process is monitored, analyzed and continuously improved
• Records are maintained

If you have any questions about first article inspection or PPAP, please contact us today and we’d be happy to help.