Graphic Overlays, Labels & Decals

Enhance product identification and branding with market-leading, custom OEM graphic overlays, labels and decals.

Graphic Overlays, Nameplates & Faceplates

At VMS, we understand that well-designed and properly-applied faceplates, nameplates and graphic overlays are essential for your product identification needs.

As a buyer, engineer or product manager of OEM products, you understand how important graphic overlays are to your product's success. Graphic overlays from Visual Marking Systems can provide a clean, finished look that communicates vital information to the equipment operator and offers a durable control panel surface that can withstand repeated button presses. Additionally, graphic overlays, nameplates, and faceplates that convey branding, warning, caution and safety information can save valuable assembly time in your shop with a simple, one-piece installation process.

Labels & Decals

At VMS, we know that clear, effective labels and decals are vital to almost every business where eye-catching product branding and equipment identification are crucial. We accommodate companies spanning from all types of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Whatever your company’s custom label needs may be, we offer durable and long lasting labels and decals that are manufactured to withstand a range of volatile conditions, including affordable short-term inventory options. Our graphic labels and decals are typically comprised of a facestock, an adhesive, and a liner that we can custom print and are supplied on a roll or sheet, or as individual labels.

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Fix Your Label, Decal and Overlay Headaches

The GRIP Analysis is a great resource to find the best solutions for your OEM equipment labels, decals and overlays.

Enhance Your Brand’s Visual Identity

Choose from an extensive range of high-quality OEM graphic overlays, labels and decals that outlast, outshine and outperform the competition.