OEM Graphic Overlays, Nameplates, Labels & Decals

Enhance product identification and branding with market-leading, custom OEM graphic overlays, nameplates, labels and decals.


Printed Graphics for OEMs

The original equipment manufacturer printed graphics market is complicated, with wide-ranging solutions to even more wide-ranging applications. Partnering with a vendor who understands the ins and outs of custom creation of OEM graphic overlays, nameplates, faceplates, labels and decals takes the guesswork out of your identification needs.

Not only are OEM printed graphics created by Visual Marking Systems ideal for brand recognition, instructional uses and product interaction, but these aesthetically-pleasing products also withstand harsh environments, meet your budget needs and arrive on time.

Our team of experts has 60+ years of experience working with OEMs, and our products meet the demand for a wide range of OEM equipment requiring a graphic adhered to a finished product.



Graphic Overlays, Nameplates & Faceplates

Well-designed and properly-applied faceplates, nameplates and graphic overlays are essential for your product identification needs and important to your product’s success. Graphic overlays can provide a clean, finished look that communicates vital information to the equipment operator and offer a durable control panel surface that can withstand repeated button presses. Additionally, equipment overlays, nameplates and faceplates can convey branding, caution and safety information, and can save valuable assembly time in your shop due to the simple, one-piece installation process. 

Labels & Decals

Clear, effective labels and decals are vital to almost every business where eye-catching product branding and equipment identification are crucial. VMS offers durable, long-lasting custom industrial labels that are manufactured to withstand a range of volatile conditions. Our custom machine labels typically consist of a facestock, an adhesive and a liner that we can custom print; they are supplied on a roll or sheet, or as individual labels. 

What to Consider

Choosing the right single-source partner for all of your OEM graphics needs can be the difference between standing out from the competition and fading into the background.

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VMS can provide your OEM products with decals, labels and overlays that are aesthetically pleasing and can withstand a variety of demanding environments.