Outdoor Sporting Equipment Labels & Decals

Equipment Label on CrossbowNearly every outdoor sporting product includes some type of equipment label:

  • Branding/Logo Placement
  • Instructional Overlays & Labels
  • Serial Tags
  • Decorative Design
  • Warning Labels
  • Information Labels
  • Box Labeling
  • Back-Lit Displays & Control Panels
  • Raised Button Overlays
  • Direct Print-to-Product

Equipment Labels That Are Durable
No matter the industry, VMS takes the time to understand our customers’ unique challenges and specific product requirements. When we develop labels and decals specific to the sporting equipment manufacturing industry, we consider all the factors at play including how our labels and decals will hold-up to outdoor weather. Labels and decals used for outdoor sporting equipment companies are exposed to a wide-range of extreme conditions including rain, snow, wind, and even direct sunlight. Our goal is to provide customers with durable products that can withstand ongoing use, repetitive motion, and harsh conditions.

VMS Utilizes the Best Techniques for Application
One of the major challenges that the outdoor sporting industry faces is having expensive equipment labeled by poor techniques, which can decrease the long-term value of a product. For example, VMS prints the camouflage art directly onto bow limbs, which can also be adorned with text. Many limb manufacturers struggle with limb decorating because of  ineffective printing methods like color fusing and hydro decorating. These methods can result in a costly, timely, and less durable label or decal. Luckily, an effective solution does exist. VMS prints text directly onto the camouflage art; lowering the cost to our customers while simultaneously adding value to the product quality. This solution far outweighs the common techniques that other companies often employ.

Some Products May Require Safety Labels
Safety labels tend to be an afterthought but are vital to the overall package. In addition to protecting the manufacturer’s reputation, safety is a concern for liability issues, but also to protect consumers. VMS provides printing solutions that help our customers find the best way to create and apply safety labels to their sporting equipment that enhances the product’s unique design and branding.

VMS Provides Equipment Labels for a Variety of Products
Though we specialize in limb decorating, labels and decals for archery equipment, we have the ability to apply the right kind of product identification solutions to virtually any type of sporting equipment. Whether it be something small or a large piece of equipment, we certainly love the challenge of designing a custom label fit for your products’ specific needs. Let us exceed your expectations and help your products Outlast, Outshine and Outperform the competition.

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