Industrial Consumables

The Visual Marking Systems industrial consumables market includes: roll labels that are digitally produced in our roll label division at VMS. Roll labels are used for branding, identification, warning, information, caution, and for a wide variety of containers and packaging solutions. Within the roll label market, VMS specializes in providing materials that meet UL, CONEG, WEEE, REACH and RoHS directives. Our labels will survive the toughest conditions and environments and exposure to chemicals and solvents, heat, and abrasion.

This consumables market serves economies of scale by producing a label on a roll, which reduces the production time required, thus the cost to the consumer. It allows the end users an option to apply the label via hand or an automated machine application method. Digital roll labels are available with variable data, consecutive numbering and barcoding capabilities.

To the Visual Marking Systems roll label customer, VMS is the high performance supplier who encourages customer loyalty by forming real relationships that are required for strategic alignment with their brand values. The outcomes generated by VMS propel the careers of those who hire them. With our ISO9001 quality system, PPAP / first article process, and numerous REACH, RoHS and UL certifications, rest assured VMS can take your next project into a strategic relationship by offering you products that OUTLAST, OUTSHINE and OUTPERFORM the competition.

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