Bus Wraps & Graphics

Choose from full custom bus wraps, partial wraps and spot graphics to make your transportation vehicles stand out on the road.

VMS Has Your Bus Wraps and Graphics Covered

Years of experience allows VMS to provide the highest quality, professional wraps and graphics services in the market. This experience means that VMS understands what it takes to make a wrap or graphic meet your expectations while promoting your brand and making your vehicle aesthetically pleasing. Proper installation is key in this process and VMS has staff that are specially trained and certified through the Professional Decal Application Alliance or PDAA, to install vinyl wraps and graphics. This allows VMS’s customers to avoid the costs associated with incorrectly installed wraps bus and graphics.

When it comes to bus wraps and graphics, there are many design elements to consider when coming up with a wrap design. Depending on the size and style of the bus, the window placement and door heights will be determined to give you the best style of wrap for your needs. You can use vinyl lettering to showcase your contact information and logo or go all out with a promotional image of your product on full display. There are different styles, sizes, and textures of bus wraps available to you. Deciding which wrap style is best for your business is the first step in wrapping your fleet. Bus wraps can come in many different styles such as spot graphics, partial wraps, or full coverage wraps.

Full wraps: These cover nearly all of the open surface area on a vehicle or trailer, offering ample opportunities for you to communicate your message using innovative, complex and visually appealing designs.

Partial wraps: Also called half wraps, these wraps cover only a portion of a vehicle or trailer and typically focus on a company’s logo and other primary branding elements.

Spot graphics (lettering and numbering): These are commonly used in place of full or partial wraps to keep messages simple or to just show your company’s name, website or phone number.

Beginner’s Guide To Vehicle Wraps

Thinking of a vehicle wrap to enhance your company brand? Download our free guide to learn the basics of vehicle wrapping and get started on making your vehicle stand out.