Custom Truck and Trailer Graphics & Wraps

Grab attention while on the road with commercial trailer and truck wraps that can be customized to professionally showcase your products and services.

Advertise on the Road with Wraps & Graphics

Advertising your business with custom truck and trailer wraps is a great way to make your fleet work for you. Customize your truck trailers with your logo, products, services, contact information and more at the fraction of the price of other advertising.

The cost per impression for truck wraps is lower than that of traditional advertising and is a unique solution for maximizing exposure, consumer engagement, and overall profitability. When deciding what style of wrap you want for your truck and trailer, the options are almost limitless with the large space available to you.

You can use vinyl lettering to showcase your contact information and logo or go all out with a promotional image of your product on full display. There are different styles, sizes, and textures of vehicle wraps available to you. Deciding which wrap style is best for your business is the first step in wrapping your fleet. Vehicle wraps can come in many different styles such as spot graphics, partial wraps, or full coverage wraps.

Full wraps: These cover nearly all of the open surface area on a vehicle or trailer, offering ample opportunities for you to communicate your message using innovative, complex and visually appealing designs.

Partial wraps: Also called half wraps, these wraps cover only a portion of a vehicle or trailer and typically focus on a company’s logo and other primary branding elements.

Spot graphics (lettering and numbering): These are commonly used in place of full or partial wraps to keep messages simple or to just show your company’s name, website or phone number.

If you would like to learn more about how much it costs to wrap a truck or if you want to discuss your truck wrap design ideas, we would love to hear from you.

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Beginner’s Guide To Vehicle Wraps

Thinking of a vehicle wrap to enhance your company brand? Download our free guide to learn the basics of vehicle wrapping and get started on making your vehicle stand out.

Increase Your Visibility on the Road

Give your company maximum exposure at a fraction of the price of traditional print advertising using custom fleet graphics, vehicle wraps and decals from VMS.