Vehicle Wrap Installation & Removal

Ensure your vehicle wraps last longer by relying on professional vehicle wrap installation and removal services delivered by industry experts.

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Installing Your Vehicle Wraps

Get the most out of your investment in vehicle graphics and wraps by partnering with a reliable, single source for all of your graphics printing. As the premier vehicle wrap installation and removal service provider in Northeast Ohio and the United States, Visual Marking Systems has 60+ years of experience helping thousands of companies just like yours visually transform their brands. The VMS team of professionally trained installers handles the installation and removal of your vehicle graphics to make sure they last for years to come.

Benefits of Professional Wrap Installation

Our installers know the significance of overall appearance once the printing process is complete and ensure a perfect installation. Our vehicle wrap installation specialists have worked in the field nationwide and understand the importance of doing the job right the first time.

  • VMS is a Professional Decal Applicators Alliance (PDAA) Master Certified installation company delivering the highest quality assurance the industry has to offer.
  • We offer flexible installation hours and will work around the schedule of your vehicles, whether that means days, nights or weekends.

Why Choose VMS

Gain an edge with printed graphics that reflect your style, attract new customers and make your company stand out against the competition.

Removing Your Vehicle Wraps

Following the proper procedures to remove a vehicle wrap is important to ensure the vehicle’s surface remains ideal for future graphics.

  • Make sure the optimal surface temperature of the vehicle graphic is achieved. Various materials have different temperature ranges, so it's best to check with a VMS sales representative or the material manufacturer.
  • Don’t remove a vehicle wrap in direct sunlight, in too cold of weather, or in other conditions that may adversely affect the removal process.
  • Start by peeling a corner or edge of the material, then slowly peel the graphic away.
  • Make sure when pulling the vinyl that you maintain less than a 90-degree angle so that the vinyl doesn’t tear or break apart.
  • If the decal becomes difficult to pull, stop. Heat the vinyl using a heat gun or propane torch, then resume.
  • Be sure to keep consistent pressure, angle and speed while removing the graphic.

Eliminate Adhesive Residue

After removing an old wrap, be sure to remove all residual adhesive. Several manufactured products can help remove the adhesive from the vehicle without damaging the surface. Since vinyl can be applied to numerous surfaces, use products that are recommended for the substrate. Contact a VMS PDAA Certified Installer with questions.

Ensure Proper Removal From the Start

The experts at VMS understand that a clean vehicle wrap removal begins before the vehicle wrap is ever installed. Proper maintenance also increases a vehicle wrap’s longevity. We recommend:
  • Prior to installation, clean the vehicle surface with isopropyl alcohol to help the adhesive bond. This will also help with proper removal in the future.
  • Ensure the surface and condition of the vehicle are wrappable (vehicles with rust or other defects may not be warranted, or the condition of the vehicle may be deemed unwrappable).
  • Properly care for your vehicle during the life of the wrap, including regular cleaning and sealing to ensure the wrap’s longevity.
  • Park in a garage to help increase the life of the wrap.

Additional Resources

Interested in learning more about the vehicle wrap removal process? Watch these VMS video tutorials.

Nationwide Vehicle Wrap Installation Network

VMS works with PDAA installers nationwide to satisfy our customers and guarantee an insured finished product. VMS partners with a network of more than 275 installers throughout the United States to guarantee consistency in your graphics, no matter the location of your fleet.

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