Prime & Pressure-Sensitive Labels

When you’re looking for a label that will help your product stand out and leave a positive impression with your customers, look no further than Visual Marking Systems for prime and pressure-sensitive labels. Prime and pressure-sensitive labels are a great choice for product identification and are easily applied to various types of packaged products from food and beverage containers to household goods to automotive care products and much more.

VMS uses the latest technology when producing our labels in order to provide the highest possible quality to our customers.

  • Advanced liquid ink
  • Inks can be matched to the Pantone® Matching System
  • Invisible UV Red ink can be used for security applications such as invisible barcodes
  • Variable Data Printing allows VMS to offer a full range of customized roll and prime labels

VMS is able to produce prime and pressure-sensitive roll labels in-house that meet the highest quality standards while saving our customers money.

  • 70ft of digital prints per minute – 30% faster than previous digital printing technology
  • Less setup time is required allowing for lower setup costs and quicker turnaround times
  • Shorter runs mean lower minimum order requirements

Visual Marking Systems manufactures its products using the most sustainable methods possible. Prime and pressure-sensitive roll labels can be used in prototyping runs, flexible packaging, shrink sleeves, inventory bar-coding, variable data jobs, bulk warning, identification, and caution labels for assembly lines, food and beverage containers, and more. Our digital roll label press is perfect for high-quality, full color jobs and do not require plate set up fees often associated with the high-cost of traditional flexography presses. Or for larger runs, we can find a solution that best fits your need.

Our labels can be printed on virtually any substrate, and VMS offers a variety of different finishing options. Some commonly selected substrates include:

  • Laser Thermal
  • Silver Tamperproof
  • Tyvek Stock
  • White Tamper Poly
  • Litho Paper
  • White Polypropylene
  • White Vinyl
  • 60# White Acrylic
  • Clear Polyester
  • White Polyester
  • Temper Evident Acetate
  • White PET
  • Silver Mylar
  • Chrome Polyester

VMS offers UL, REACH, RoHS Compliance documentation to help differentiate your products.

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