Custom Braille Signs & Decals

Choose from highly durable, customizable BraillePrint® braille signs and product decals that feature clear or colored braille and tactile features over full color text, graphics and illustrations.

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Custom BraillePrint® Signage

VMS produces printed Grade 1, Grade 2, Library of Congress Standard Braille as well as other raised graphics.

BraillePrint® is printed over conventional graphics products using our innovative process. The resulting BraillePrint® is durable, Library of Congress height Braille over full color illustrations, photographs or text that are easy to read with virtually no loss in clarity of the graphic. BraillePrint’s® Braille cannot be easily picked off, crushed or damaged as opposed to other Braille printing methods. BraillePrint® is available single or double-sided on a variety of materials including most quality papers and plastics.

Common Uses for BraillePrint® Braille Signs & Decals

Public Transportation Products

  • Transit System Maps
  • Wayfinding Signage
  • Metro Flash Books
  • Passenger Safety Information Cards
  • Fare Collection Overlays
  • Vehicle Identification
  • Public Terminals and Systems

Public Terminals and Systems

  • ATM Machines
  • Automated Checkout Machines
  • Terminal and Transaction Systems

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