Bus Stop Signage

Increase transportation authority with high-impact bus stop signage that ensures travelers can always find the information they need.


Union 15
Path 81
Path 82

Direct Passengers with Bus Stop Signage

Bus stop signage is vital to your transportation authority and your riders. Effective signage should provide travelers with accurate information that is high impact and easy-to-read. The ease or distress of finding a bus stop sign that is in good condition and contains accurate information can have a major impact on a passenger’s overall experience with the transportation authority during their commute.

It’s important that your bus stop signage assists passengers with effective and accurate bus stop information. VMS’s proprietary TransGrafix® products are often used to give the signs graffiti-resistant properties, resulting in a highly durable, easy-to-clean product. Contact a VMS Transportation Specialist to learn more about our transit signage.

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