Wayfinding Signage & System Maps

Inspire confidence in your transportation system with station platform and system map interior wayfinding signage that creates positive experiences.

Union 15
Path 81
Path 82

Lead the Way

Effective wayfinding signage helps create an atmosphere in which passengers feel comfortable and secure, but also plays an important role in branding and inspiring confidence in your transportation system. Wayfinding signs help inform people of their surroundings in an unfamiliar environment, and should consist of clear, comprehensive visual communications with concise messaging. The ability to easily navigate through your station can have a major impact on your riders’ overall experience.

Station Platform Wayfinding Signage

System maps provide an opportunity to create and maintain a defining image with your passengers and the surrounding community. The trip begins with the passenger’s arrival at the rail station. Clear, easy-to-read signage assists passengers to effectively reach their destination, positively impacting their experience.

System Maps

A full system map at each station can show passengers the entire system with a single glance. Each line and station can be identified, along with important information, such as ADA accessibility, parking availability, transfer locations to other lines, as well as other forms of public transportation. System maps can also include raised letters and Braille to aid visually impaired riders and meet ADA regulations.

TransGrafix® materials can be used on wayfinding & station platform signage, as well as system maps for durable, easy-to-clean, graffiti protection.

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