BraillePrint® Braille Signs

Visual Marking Systems’ fully-customized BraillePrint® products feature clear or colored braille and tactile features over full color text, graphics, and illustrations. With VMS’ advanced printing technologies, we can help you display important information for both your seeing and visually-impaired passengers with ADA braille signs.

Common Uses for BraillePrint®

Public Transportation Products:Braille Signs

  • Transit System Maps
  • Wayfinding Signage
  • Metro Flash Books
  • Passenger Safety Information Cards
  • Fare Collection Overlays
  • Vehicle Identification

Public Terminals and Systems:

  • ATM Machines
  • Automated Checkout Machines
  • Terminal and Transaction Systems

VMS produces printed Grade 1, Grade 2, Library of Congress Standard Braille as well as other raised graphics.

BraillePrint® is printed over conventional graphics products using our innovative process. The resulting BraillePrint® is durable, Library of Congress height Braille over full color illustrations, photographs or text that are easy to read with virtually no loss in clarity of the graphic. BraillePrint’s® Braille cannot be easily picked off, crushed or damaged as opposed to other Braille printing methods. BraillePrint® is available single or double-sided on a variety of materials including most quality papers and plastics.

Proprietary processes are used in the production of BraillePrint®. For more information, please contact VMS.

BraillePrint® is a registered trademark of Visual Marking Systems, Inc. All products are manufactured by VMS in the USA.

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