Safety Signs & Symbols

Master Safety & Instructional Signs (MSIS)

Master Safety & Instructional Signs (MSIS) are fully-customized to display the entire floor plan of the rail car. MSIS should be mounted throughout the passenger rail car to help passengers and crew members find the closest exit in case of emergency. All emergency door exits, emergency window exits and “You Are Here” indicators can be displayed with clear evacuation instructions to help ensure safe and orderly egress from the car.

Interior Signage & Graphics

Cautionary and informational signage should be placed throughout the interior of each transit vehicle to alert passengers of rules and regulations. Signs may also describe safety procedures or evasive actions in order to reduce or eliminate hazards and passenger injuries.

Exterior Retro-Reflective Emergency Access Decals

Retro-reflective signs reflect light back to its source allowing them to be highly visible in the dark when light is shined on them. Per APTA standards, passenger rail vehicles must have exterior retro-reflective markings indicating access areas for emergency response personnel. It is critical that step-by-step window removal and manual door opening instructions be mounted to each access area and are conspicuous at night and in other low visibility environments or emergency situations, such as rain, snow, fog, smoke or fire. There are specific requirements for the material, as well as the placement of the decals. Consult with a VMS Transportation Specialist for more information on the requirements.

Informational & Safety Signs

Informational and safety signs can direct passengers and keep them informed in case of an emergency.

– Passenger Information & Rules of Riding/Conduct (No Smoking/Eating/Drinking)
– Fare Information

– Emergency Procedures
– Exit locations/instructions
– First Aid
– Cautionary (Watch Your Step, Fasten Seat Belts, Hold Hand Rails)

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