TransGrafix® Safety Signs and Symbols

Graffiti-Resistant Decals & Signage

Visual Marking Systems’ unique line of safety decals and signs are used for transportation, accessibility, system maps, LLEPM striping and more. Our extremely durable TransGrafix® products are highly resistant to chemicals, graffiti, vandalism and weather. TransGrafix® products are easy to clean and maintain.

All products in the TransGrafix® family (with the exception of the TransGrafix® – DB) have the capacity to be embossed for tactile letters or graphics.

TransGrafix® Family of Products Includes:

TransGrafix® is a highly cleanable, low glare material which can be formed to meet all current ADA specifications for Grade 2 Braille, California Braille, as well as ADA-Compliant Raised Letters & Pictograms. TransGrafix® is also widely used on the interior of railcars for safety signage and control panel overlays, as well as system maps in railway stations.

TransGrafix® TransGrafix®

TransGrafix® GlowGrafix consists of the original TransGrafix® material combined with specially formulated High Performance Photo-Luminescence (HPPL) that glows for hours in total darkness making it the perfect material to produce Emergency Exit Signage for the transportation industry. TransGrafix® – GlowGrafix meets APTA Standards for Emergency Egress signage and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard E-2073-02. The product can also be customized for ADA compliance.

TransGrafix® – GlowGrafix TransGrafix® – GlowGrafix

TransGrafix® AR is ideal for small and large format signage requiring a rigid or tough substrate. Very high levels of abrasion, vandalism and shatter-resistance make TransGrafix® AR ideal for signage and markings in areas where damage could easily occur.

TransGrafix AR®

TransGrafix® DB is a lightweight, aluminum composite material that is resistant to chemicals, graffiti, vandalism and weather. TransGrafix® – DB is ideal for large format applications that require a more rigid substrate, such as wayfinding signage and system maps.

TransGrafix® XLR is a special flame resistant version of TransGrafix® suitable for use in applications that must meet the New York City Building Code. TransGrafix® – XLR meets American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standards D4828-03, D3648-04, D-635-03, ASTM E162, ASTM E662 and Bombardier SMP800 test for rail.

Typical Applications of TransGrafix® Include:

– Informational Signage and Wayfinding
– Safety Signs and Symbols
– Emergency Signage
– LLEPM Striping
– Accessibility Signage
– System Maps
– Informational Kiosks and Station Platform Identifiers
– TVM Graphic User Interface Overlays
– Seat Numbering
– Train / Airplane / Bus Control Panel Overlays
– Architectural, Commercial and Governmental Building Signage

TransGrafix® – DB TransGrafix® – DB TransGrafix® PATCO System Map

TransGrafix® is only available from Visual Marking Systems, Inc. / TransGrafix® is a registered trademark of Visual Marking Systems Inc. / Proprietary processes are used in the production of TransGrafix®. / All products are manufactured by Visual Marking Systems in the USA.

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