Backlit Displays

Backlit DisplaysWith backlit displays, you’re guaranteed to generate more exposure for your message and branding. Whether you need to promote your corporate identity, improve your brand, display your products or services, or advertise a sale, backlit displays will make your message glow!

A backlit media display is a flat panel that uses a light source behind it to shine bright, exposing the message above. The use of the light creates a compelling visual effect, enhancing your message with bright, vivid colors.

Backlit displays are used in a wide range of applications, including malls, museums, airports, department stores, movie theaters, hospitals and more. They’re also displayable outdoors. Not only are they unique and attention-grabbing, but thanks to new advancements in media and digital technology, they’re also higher quality and more cost effective!

Backlit Display

VMS is constantly searching for innovative printing technologies that will attract new customers, and we’re happy to help guide you through the design process all the way to production. We care about results and ensure your satisfaction. Don’t overthink it; put your message on a backlit media display today!