Matrix Frames

At VMS, we work hard to provide you with quality products that you can proudly showcase at your facility, whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor or reseller of goods or

services. The backbone of any good graphics display consists of matrix frames that are built to last, and that is exactly what we provide to our customers.

Matrix frames have revolutionized what it means to put print on display. They are designed to be light-weight, portable, modular and easy to assemble or breakdown. They are able to be mounted to the wall, stand freely, or suspend and they are available single or double-sided as well as in different back-lit options. They are lightweight, durable and very easy to assemble.

These are a great solution for companies who are constantly finding the need to change graphics in and out during the year. With matrix frames, you are turning the process into a breeze.

To learn more about matrix frames, check out this video from our supplier, showing you how beneficial these frames can really be!