VMS is an Avery Dennison ICS Authorized Converter

Avery Dennison ICS Authorized Converter

Avery Dennison is happy to announce that Visual Marking Systems, Inc. has been named one of only 28 ICS Authorized Converters in North America. This designation certifies that Visual Marking Systems, Inc. qualifies for the Avery Dennison ICS Platinum Fleet Warranty. The warranty applies to graphics made with all Avery Dennison specified products, when manufactured with the printer and ink(s) shown on the attached Integrated Component System (ICS) Official Certificate, applied and used as recommended in the applicable Avery Dennison Instructional Bulletin(s).

VMS is proud to offer our customers the Avery Dennison ICS Platinum Warranty

The right choice for quality and confidence.

Avery Dennison’s unparalleled commitment to quality ensures that every product we produce is designed, engineered, manufactured and tested with one goal in mind – your complete satisfaction. That’s why our range of innovative high-performance products are backed with a warranty you can trust. Avery’s Integrated Component System (ICS) Warranty Program is written assurance that our products perform exactly how they should from production through application and for the life of your graphics.

All Avery Dennison Graphics products are covered by their general product warranty which guarantees you get products free from defects and deliver consistent high quality and performance of our sign materials, screen print films, digital media and reflective products – every time. The ICS Warranty Program goes even further, offering you an open integrated system that provides the greatest range of flexibility, choice, confidence, and protection.

ICS Performance Guarantee

The ICS Performance Guarantee combines Avery films with other qualified components to form a system which is guaranteed to be compatible and provide superior performance. This system reflects many years of joint developmental work between Avery Dennison and industry leading printer, ink and clear coat manufacturers. You know exactly what to expect from your finished graphics because your combination has already withstood rigorous scientific testing and met a very stringent set of durability and physical performance specifications.

ICS Platinum Warranty

For ultimate peace of mind and security when dealing with the most comprehensive projects, Avery offers a customized warranty that virtually eliminates risk to the end user. The ICS Platinum Warranty combines a certification process of specialist graphics manufacturers and installers to provide the highest levels of quality and performance in finished graphics applications. This open warranty – available by special request – is specially prepared and customized for your specific needs.

Download the Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions checklist below to learn more the ICS Warranty Coverage Program Guarantee.

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VMS is an Avery Dennison Certified Wrap Installer (CWI)

Avery Dennison Logo Our customers like knowing they’re working with the best in the sign and graphics industry. At VMS, we know the best car wrap installers showcase their expertise by becoming an Avery Dennison Certified Wrap Installer (CWI). It takes dedication, practice and superior skills to pass the CWI test and once that’s accomplished Avery Dennison stands behind its certified wrap installers. Installers must demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the mechanics of vinyl film installation to pass the Avery Dennison certification test. The test is made up of five modules: a written exam, hands-on vehicle wrap installation demonstration on the hood, fender, door/window and a cutting test. Installers who pass the test are at the top of the industry and have successfully demonstrated their wrapping skills and techniques.

The Avery Dennison Promise

The Avery Dennison Certification Exam is delivered with the same quality and promise that goes into every Avery Dennison product. Avery Dennison Certified Wrap Installers are trained and tested with the latest tools and best products in the industry to grow an excellent reputation and a more successful business.