Fleet Protective Coatings

An important part of all vehicle wraps or graphic is a protective coating applied over the printed vinyl. A clear coat is most commonly used on vehicle wraps, but an overlaminate is also used for some applications. VMS will recommend the right protective covering for your vehicle wrap or graphic.

A clear coat begins as a liquid and is heated and applied by running the vinyl through a tray of the clear coat and under a dryer. Once dry, the clear coat forms a glossy and flexible but yet protective covering on the vinyl. The clear coat is designed to protect the vinyl from scrapes and scratches while enhancing the look of the vehicle wrap or graphic.

An overlaminate can also be used for some vehicle wrap applications. Also known simply as overlam, overlaminate provides protection to the vinyl and the ink on the vinyl, helping ensure that VMS’s vehicle wraps remain high quality and look like new for many years. Overlaminate is less flexible than clear coat and is applied as a layer over the printed vinyl. Since it is more rigid than clear coat, overlaminate typically offers more protection than a clear coat.

VMS uses clear coats and overlaminates that are designed to be paired with 3M’s MCS Warranty for vehicle wraps to help ensure consistency, quality and the ability to confidently offer warranties on VMS printed and installed vehicle wraps and graphics.

Contact a VMS representative for more information about protective overlaminates for vehicle graphics.