Polycarbonate Material

Polycarbonate material is a strong, rigid plastic film with high impact strength. Thermoplastic polycarbonate materials possess good electrical/optical properties and offer excellent chemical/abrasion resistance. These films may be heated to conform to irregular surfaces, are available in smooth or textured finishes, and are typically used as facestock.

Polycarbonate Material Finishes:
Polycarbonates are available in a variety of textures depending on the specific application and desired look and feel of the product. Some of these textures include Gloss, Matte, Clear, Velvet / Matte and Fine / Matte.

Common Brand Names of Polycarbonates:
1.   Lexan®
2.   Makrofol®

Features of Polycarbonates:
1.  Clarity of Printing
2.  Heat and Flame Resistance
3.  High Impact
4.  Chemical and Abrasion Resistance
5.  Dimensional Stability
6.  Embossability
7.  Flexible and Easily Die Cut
8.  Good Electrical Insulator
9.  Highly Transparent and Subsurface Printable

Example Applications:
Electrical Component and LED Window Overlays
Faceplates and Membrane Switch Overlays
Ticket Vending Machine Overlays
Keypads, Decorative, and Product Branding
Durable Product Identification