Polycarbonate Material Printing

Enhance the durability, versatility and clarity of your custom graphics by getting them printed on polycarbonate material.

Looking for your product to be versatile and durable? Polycarbonate might be your answer.

When it comes to building a specific label, decal or overlay to your specifications, polycarbonate material is an ideal material to choose if you require certain levels of durability, versatility and clarity.

Polycarbonates are available in a variety of textures depending on the specific application and desired look and feel of the product. Some of these textures include Gloss, Matte, Clear, Velvet / Matte and Fine / Matte. They are known for their clarity and legibility, making it a great choice for overlays, embossed keypads, dead-front panels, caution and warning labels, nameplates and decorative trim. Offering an excellent resistance to sparks, stains, moisture, heat, UV rays, abrasion and corrosive chemicals, polycarbonate material is a great choice for most applications.

Features of Polycarbonate Material:

  1. Clarity of Printing
  2. Heat and Flame Resistance
  3. High Impact
  4. Chemical and Abrasion Resistance
  5. Dimensional Stability
  6. Emboss Ability
  7. Flexible and Easily Die Cut
  8. Good Electrical Insulator
  9. Highly Transparent and Subsurface Printable
  10. Maximum temperature rating is 300°F

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