PVC Material (Vinyl)

Vinyl or PVC material (polyvinyl chloride) is a semi-ridged and flexible facestock that conforms to curved surfaces and forms well over minor surface irregularities. Vinyl comes in three grades flexible (soft), semi-rigid (hard) and rigid. The difference between the three types of PVC material is the amount of softening agent called a “plasticizer” that is mixed into the vinyl during production.

Vinyl is used in a variety of applications including: vehicle wraps, fleet graphics, labels, decals, safety, warning and danger labels, markings for exterior cut lettering for vehicles, overlays, faceplates, and decorative trim and striping. Many engineers choose vinyl because of the excellent dimensional stability, durability, affordability and the thickness which conforms to contoured surfaces and rivets easily.

Common Brand Names:
1. 3M Comply®/ Controltac®/ Envision® (non-PVC)
2. Avery® IJ Series®
3. MacTac® Series

 PVC Material Features:
1. A Very Versatile Substrate
2. Low Cost Film Alternative
3. Available in a Wide Variety of Colors
4. Long-term, Outdoor Durability
5. Resistance to Abrasion, Chemicals, and UV Rays

Calendared Flexible Vinyl


  • Good Dimensional Stability
  • Short life-3-5 years under normal condition
  • Lower Cost
  • Thickness: (.002”to.008”)-Cast Vinyl conforms well to contour surfaces and rivets


  • Promotional Decals-Printed Markings
  • Short-term Advertising
  • Die Cut Letters and Numbers
  • Caution/Warning/ Identification Labels
  • Consumables Labeling

Cast Vinyl


  • Excellent Dimensional Stability
  • Longer life–7+years under normal conditions
  • A premium film-more expensive
  • Thickness (.002”)-Cast Vinyl conforms to contoured surfaces and rivets


  • Fleet Markings
  • Markings for Outdoor Equipment
  • Equipment Instruction/ Identification/ Warning and Caution Labels
  • Decorative Labels
  • High Quality Digital Roll Labels
  • Asset and property ID Labels
  • Die Cut Letters and Numbers

Ask about our common stock materials and pre-colored vinyls. If you require advanced specifications on the PVC material or product you purchase such as: UL, REACH, RoHS, CONEG, etc. VMS has a team of dedicated professionals to help assist in the application requirements, documentation, and engineering specifications necessary to comply with current laws and directives in the USA, European Union, Canada and Mexico.