PVC Printing Material

Get affordable, custom graphics with moderate resistance properties by getting them printed on PVC (vinyl) material.


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Printing on PVC (Vinyl) Material

Evaluating your product's label, decal and overlay needs is one of the first steps to ensure you procure the best material with the lowest failure rate. Polyvinyl Chloride is an efficient and affordable material choice for moderate weather, chemical, moisture and abrasion resistance. It is very flexible and stretchable which helps this material conform to the shape of your end product.

This material is typical top-surface printed and can be combined with other over-laminates and clear coats to help increase your durability needs. Common brand names/suppliers for this vinyl are 3M Controltac, Avery and Arlon.

Vinyl is used in a variety of applications including vehicle wraps, fleet graphics, labels, decals, safety, warning and danger labels, markings for exterior cut lettering for vehicles, overlays, faceplates, and decorative trim and striping. Many engineers choose vinyl because of the excellent dimensional stability, durability, affordability and thickness which conforms to contoured surfaces and rivets easily.

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