Product & Material Warranties

3M MCS Warranty

As a graphics manufacturer, we are proud to be certified by 3M for being able to offer the 3M MCS Warranty on finished graphics that meet their exacting requirements. While this Certificate is not required by 3M, it does demonstrate our commitment to excellence, and helps give you greaterpeace of mind. We can supply you with a copy of the Certificate, or you can go to the 3M website and enter our serial number to download or print a copy of our current Certificate.

The 3M MCS Warranty set the industry standard more than 20 years ago and is still solid gold. It covers finished graphics using products designed and tested for optimal compatibility and performance for jobs that demand the very best.

The Certificate of 3M MCS Warranty provides assurance that we can offer you a comprehensive, preferred warranty solution for finished graphics.

For more information on how the 3M MCS Warranty will impact your products manufactured by VMS please contact VMS today.

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How Long Do Vehicle Wraps Last?

VMS’s vehicle wraps typically last between seven to ten years and specific warranties are provided for all vehicle wraps or graphics printed and installed by VMS. Since there are many different types of vinyls and warranties from each manufacturer, it is impossible to describe them all on one page. However, VMS is proud to be a select convertor of many of the premier wrap films, vinyls and substrates and can produce graphics in accordance with 3M’s MCS™ Warranty, Avery Dennison’s ICS™ Warranty, and others upon request. Rest assured, when you buy a vehicle graphic from VMS, you will receive a Certificate of Conformance that your wraps exceed or meet the requirements of whichever warranty is right for your fleet.

We offer enough material options and custom solutions to allow temporary, promotional graphics for vehicles, medium, and long-term protection for heavy duty off road, commercial and private vehicles under the most difficult conditions. VMS can match the right components to allow the most cost effective branding and advertising of your business on your vehicles.

Warranty information for specific projects is provided during the sales process. For more information on the warranties VMS offers please contact us and we can put you in touch with one of our Sales Associates.