Innovation Center

Product Innovation TeamThe Product Innovation Team (P.I.T.) is a dedicated group of professionals who provide individualized attention and a cross-functional team that can get hands-on and get your order moving into production faster. The P.I.T. consists of R&D, estimating, design, production and the new business coordinator to achieve the maximum potential for all your products.

We believe that innovation is key to setting yourself apart from your competition. We are committed to innovative product identification markings, using creative combinations of materials and manufacturing processes to create unique products. VMS continues to invest in equipment and technology that allows us to out pace our competitors delivering products that exceed your expectations.

Our Innovation Center is an area to brainstorm and develop new product construction ideas. VMS’s senior management team will listen to your challenges and needs so that we can support your vision of success.Product Innovation Chart

Our goal is to assist you with new product design ideas. We constantly strive to help you separate your company from your competition. Our Product Innovation Team will support your ability to save money and deliver extraordinary finished products.

Our commitment to innovation continually produces cost saving ideas for our customers. Some examples include:

  • Material Yields
  • Alternative Materials
  • Alternative Printing and Cutting methods
  • Combination Runs
  • Creative Finishing Ideas
  • Inventory Management
  • Unique Packaging and Fulfillment Programs
  • On Time Delivery
  • Superior Quality