Label & Decal Materials

At VMS, we customize roll labels for your specific business needs. Digitally produced labels and decals are a more economical solution for small- to-large runs than traditional rotary relief flexography methods. Our digital roll labels are more efficient and environmentally friendly, as they are manufactured using little set up waste and they eliminate the need for costly plates and tooling.

Each of our customers has a specific application process necessary for their business, so we provide various options of labels and decal materials for their equipment or machinery. VMS’s roll label division is perfect for high-quality, full color jobs that can be used as a permanent solution for fully customized target marketing campaigns or even in product prototyping. Digital roll labels have added capability to produce inventory bar-coding, variable data jobs, bulk warning, identification, and caution labels for assembly lines, food and beverage containers, and much more. We manufacture our digital labels using the highest quality materials and processes available, including ISO:9001 quality system. Contact us today to get started on your next labeling project!