Flexible Materials & Films

Specialty Printing with VMS

Visual Marking Systems has over 50 years of experience converting almost every type of common durable facestock material, with expertise printing on synthetics, durables, and plastics. Commonly referred to as polymers or specialty printing, VMS can help select the right materials for your project.

Durable materials, and plastics need to be selected based on the output device and printing/ink technology to be used, with consideration to the final application, life expectancy and environmental conditions the product will face.

Below are the most often-used flexible materials for UV Screen, UV Digital, and Latex print/ink technologies. The chart outlines the benefits and features of each commonly used material. Unlike paper, synthetics often need to be pre-treated and coated with so that the sheet will print and cure properly.

VMS is a industry leading converter and introduces new production techniques that will save you money. Often companies will turn to VMS for their expertise in material and engineering capabilities because of the amount of different converting capabilities we offer at a single supplier.

Inventory, Kanban, Quality ISO:9001 systems all in place to help deliver the highest quality material, product and service to meet your specific needs. Please contact a VMS sales representative for more information.

Common Materials Tear Resistance Tensile Strength Flex Modulus Dimensional Stability Stiffness Chemical Resistance Outdoor UV Max Temp
Polyester Very High Very High Low Very High High High High 300°F
Cast PVC Vinyl Low Low High Med Low Med Very High 225°F
Calendared PVC Vinyl Med Med Med Low Low Med High 225°F
BOPP High Very High Med High High High Med 250°F
Polyolefin Med Med High Med Med High Low 225°F
Polyimide Very High Very High Low Very High High Very High Med 500°F
Polycarbonate Very High Very High Low High High High High 300°F
Acrylic Very High Very High Low High Very High Med Very High 160°F
Aluminum Foil Low Med High Very High Med Med High 700°F

Learn more about our flexible materials and films via the pages listed below:

Materials & Finish Options

VMS has a complete line of materials for any type of surface. Including concrete, tile, ceramic and carpet. Solutions for long term indoor use, or temporary outdoor applications, including in-store retail, events, and specialty. A high quality corrugated plastic rigid sheet serving many functions. Twin fluted. Ideal for high quality graphics. Indoor and outdoor use. Water and stain resistant.

  • 100% Recyclable
  • Top-Tier Rated by Gerber Scientific
  • Ideal for Digital Flatbed Printers
  • Chemical and Stain Resistant
  • Moisture Resistant
  • 4mm White Standard

Uses Include: POP (point of purchase) displays, indoor graphic displays, retail signs, real estate signs, campaign signs, bus signage, special event advertising and trade displays.

.002″ – .030″ THICKNESSES
Applications: Free Standing Display, Temporary Display, Signs, Custom Gift Boxes Applications: Floors, Walls, Drywall, Brick, Tile, Concrete, Tile, Carpet, Public Transportation Signage, Advertising Applications: Windows, Glass, Store Fronts, Advertising, Promotional, Vacancy, Privacy Film, Automotive