A Sticky Situation: The Importance of Premium Vinyl & Expert Installers for Vehicle Graphics Projects

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At Visual Marking Systems (VMS), we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality custom vehicle graphics solutions that not only look fantastic but also ensure the integrity and longevity of our clients' vehicles. However challenges can arise, and our recent experience highlights the importance of using premium vinyl and engaging PDAA-certified installers for vehicle graphics projects.

During a recent project, VMS encountered an obstacle when tasked with removing old graphics from our client's vehicle. The graphics were made from diamond-grade reflective vinyl, known for being difficult to take off. As shown in the photos, this material left behind a sticky residue during the wrap removal process. It was crucial that we thoroughly remove all traces of adhesive to ensure a seamless application of the new graphics.Reflective vinyl on an emergency vehicle

The removal process alone took our PDAA-Certified Installation Crew approximately 12 hours of careful work, compared to what could have been a 2-3 hour removal if it were plain vinyl. To tackle this tough adhesive without harming the vehicle's surface, our team utilized specialized tools and solutions, including a vinyl zapper, chisel, hammer, scrapers, 3M adhesive remover, and Xylene, a specialized solvent solution made for graphics removal. This meticulous approach was essential to preserve the vehicle's integrity, ensuring that no damage occurred during the removal process.

High-Quality Vinyl is Essential for Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

Reflecting on this experience, we emphasize the importance of using high-quality vinyl materials for vehicle graphics. Although it offers excellent visibility and durability, diamond-grade reflective vinyl poses significant challenges during removal. Choosing a more manageable alternative, such as a white reflective vinyl printed with a chevron design, not only ensures a stunning visual result but also simplifies future maintenance and replacement. For the rebrand on this fleet of ambulances, we chose Arlon DPF 2400 fleet grade reflective film to print the customer's blue/white chevrons and added a clear overlaminate for up to seven years of durability.Sticky residue left behind on an emergency vehicle

White reflective vinyl is a printable material that retains the reflective quality desired by many clients while being much easier to work with during installation and removal. We typically recommend this vinyl for its longevity, allowing it to remain on the vehicle for years before requiring replacement. This not only saves time and effort but also minimizes the risk of damage to the vehicle's surface.

The Value of Partnering with Professional Vehicle Graphics Installers

The expertise of our PDAA-certified installers was instrumental in navigating this challenging project. PDAA (Professional Decal Application Alliance) certification signifies a high level of proficiency and skill in the installation of graphics and wraps. Our certified installers possess the knowledge and experience necessary to handle complex projects like this, ensuring that the vehicle is protected and that the graphics are applied flawlessly. VMS provides a comprehensive one-year installation warranty to safeguard your graphics in the unlikely event that installation issues would arise. Your peace of mind is our priority, ensuring that your vehicle graphics are protected and maintained to the highest standard.

New vinyl professionally installed on an emergency vehicleWrapping up the project, VMS effectively removed the old graphics and installed the new branded graphics on the vehicle. We remain dedicated to delivering exceptional results while prioritizing the preservation of our clients' valuable assets and getting their vehicles back on the road quickly. For more information about our vehicle graphics solutions or to discuss your upcoming project, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help you make your brand stand out on the road!

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