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Welcome to the Visual Marking Systems' blog where you can learn about how to care for vehicle wraps, what you need to consider when purchasing fleet graphics, choosing the right materials for your OEM equipment decals, or designing custom branded apparel for your sales team.

Prepping for a Vinyl Wrap Installation: Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle

Caring for vehicle graphics and wraps is important to maintain their appearance. From regularly washing to avoiding abrasive brushes when cleaning, there are many ways to keep your... Read More Topic(s): Vehicle Wraps

What to Consider Before Choosing Custom Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

A fleet manager’s job revolves around time and money. If you’re considering custom vehicle wraps and fleet graphics, you need to know the ins and outs of the industry in order to... Read More Topic(s): Vehicle Wraps

Getting Trade Show Ready with Trailstar International, Inc.

Earlier this year, VMS worked with our customer, Trailstar International, Inc. to design, print and wrap a show trailer for their booth at the Mid-America Trucking Show held in... Read More Topic(s): Vehicle Wraps

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Caring for Vehicle Wraps

A vehicle wrap is an investment and like any investment you want it to last and stay valuable. Once it is installed it is not something that can just be forgotten about, it needs... Read More Topic(s): Vehicle Wraps

Make Your Fleet Branding Stand Out With Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

Eight to 10 seconds. That’s about how long you have to try and convince a person that’s stopped at a red light to identify what you do, decide if they need you, and if they need you,... Read More Topic(s): Vehicle Wraps

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