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When first impressions matter and product performance is key, the role that durable labels, overlays and decals play in product identification and branding for OEM manufacturers cannot be underestimated. Visual Marking Systems (VMS), an industry-leading manufacturer of product identification, stands out for its expertise in creating custom-printed graphics that not only enhance the appearance of manufactured products like medical equipment, processing equipment for the food and beverage industry, and industrial automation and control systems, but also contribute to functionality and longevity. In this blog post, we dive into how VMS creates durable OEM labels, overlays and graphics that take visual product identification to a new level. 

1. The Science of Durability

No matter what type of product you manufacture — whether it’s agricultural machinery, electronics or sensors and testing equipment — you need durable custom graphics that will hold up in the most challenging environments. At VMS, we use a scientific approach to determine which materials, adhesives and manufacturing techniques will ensure the longevity of your product identification graphics.

We consider:

  • Application
  • Environment
  • Features
  • Lifecycle
  • Budget

Each of these elements helps determine which material is best for your industry, such as:

  • Polycarbonate
  • Polyester
  • PVC Material (Vinyl)
  • Polyurethane
  • Polystyrene
  • Polypropylene/Polyolefin

Our customers approach us with complex graphic needs and we use more than 60 years of experience to craft solutions that stand up to elements such as extreme temperatures, chemicals, moisture and UV radiation. Companies often turn to us for our expertise in material and engineering capabilities because of the number of different converting capabilities we offer as a single supplier.

2. Merging Form and Function

When creating equipment graphics and product identification, aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand. Custom graphics not only carry critical product information and instructions but also enhance the user experience. One real-world example of this is with VMS customer Lincoln Electric Company.

The Challenge: Lincoln Electric needed to update the look of its welding equipment while improving durability and reducing manufacturing costs. They had been using metal for most of their nameplates because they thought it was the only material that could withstand the welding environment.

The Solution: VMS recommended polycarbonate as the material that would be functional and convey Lincoln Electric’s brand across its entire line of welding equipment for both the consumer and industrial markets. The material was tested for both weld sparking and saltwater corrosion, passing with flying colors.

The Outcome: Lincoln Electric reduced production costs on the graphics for its welders by 30% by switching to polycarbonate. In addition, design options were added to the nameplates, including the use of transparent inks to create clear windows for LCD displays.

Many manufacturers approach VMS with challenges just like this — and our team is committed to finding solutions that will strengthen brand identity while maintaining product usability.

3. Boosting Company Identity

Company identity is more than just a logo — it's an embodiment of your company’s values. This is why we offer an array of services that will take your brand messages and turn them into visual elements that resonate with your consumers. Our product innovation team seeks to understand the goals of your business so we can recommend turn-key solutions that will exceed your expectations. In addition to creating labels, overlays and graphics, we also offer:

4. Manufacturing Versatility

No two companies are exactly the same and neither are their custom graphic needs. Our commitment to versatility is one aspect that sets us apart from our competitors. We know labels, overlays and graphics need to cater to varying product specifications, regulatory compliance, usage environments and user preferences. We’ve worked with a wide range of OEM products and industries that require graphic decals and markings on finished products, including:

Many of these industries require decals and markings that communicate operating instructions and warnings that are imperative to the safety of the operator of the product. Some of the common markings we include:

  • Manufacturer/Brand Identification
  • Model
  • Controls
  • Power on/off
  • Behavior to prevent injury
  • FDA-Regulated UDI Serial Numbers

5. Innovating With Technology

Over the last 60 years, we’ve learned that innovation must be constant. It’s at the core of our vision and something we always prioritize. We use cutting-edge technologies and an innovative approach to:

  • Enhance Visual Identification - Our printing technologies include screen, digital wide-format, digital latex, digital sheet-fed and digital web in addition to other production capabilities such as die cutting, laminating, adhesive transfer, digital cutting and routing.

6. Collaborative Partnerships

Your printed graphics must reflect positively on your company, products and leadership, and at VMS, we take that seriously. Each customer relationship is a partnership that we’re committed to. We collaborate closely with OEMs to understand their needs, challenges and goals so we can be their one-source custom-printed graphics provider. With this open communication comes efficient project management, tailored solutions and seamless integration of visual identification elements.

Realizing Vision Through VMS

Durable labels, overlays and graphics go beyond mere aesthetics, playing a vital role in product performance, brand representation and customer experience. We encourage you to consider how your visual identification strategies could benefit from VMS’s expertise. Take a look at our OEM graphics image gallery to see more.

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