Understanding Color Consistency: The Role of Delta E in Precision Color Matching

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In today's competitive market, maintaining consistency is crucial to your brand’s integrity. One important aspect of brand consistency is color matching, ensuring that your brand's colors remain consistent across various applications and products. At Visual Marking Systems (VMS), we understand the importance of precise color matching and rely on advanced technology to achieve precision in color matching for our custom-printed graphics solutions.

Delta E (ΔE) and Its Role in Color Matching

One of the key metrics we use to measure color difference is delta E (ΔE), a metric calculated using L*a*b* color values to identify the difference between two colors. It considers various factors such as hue, saturation, and lightness to provide a comprehensive measure of color distinction.

So how exactly does it work? A delta E value of zero indicates a perfect color match, while higher values indicate increasing differences between colors. By leveraging delta E, we can precisely measure and control color consistency, allowing us to match colors with exceptional accuracy.

We use a spectrophotometer to specify color values and aim for a target as close to zero as possible. Values between 1 and 2 are highly accurate and commonly accepted in most color-critical applications. Values above 2 may indicate noticeable color differences, particularly in situations where color accuracy is crucial. VMS strives for a value of <2 for our customers.

Maintaining Brand Consistency

Red-4-1Understanding delta E is essential for precise color matching across different materials and applications. For example, the shade of red used in our VMS logo (Pantone 485) appears differently when screen-printed on polyester than when printed digitally on vinyl. Whether we’re printing your company’s logo on a vinyl decal for your corporate trucks or operating instructions on a polycarbonate overlay for your OEM equipment, you can rest assured that your colors will remain true to your brand standards.

To maintain the integrity of color samples for future orders, a reference sample is stored in a carefully controlled environment to ensure consistent colors for new parts and reruns, reinforcing VMS’ commitment to quality, allowing us to maintain color consistency over time. This approach ensures that your brand's colors remain consistent across various materials and applications: from labels and overlays to vehicle graphics and promotional materials.

VMS’ Commitment to Quality and Excellence in Color Matching

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond technology; it's ingrained in our team's expertise and dedication. Our team of color experts understand the intricacies of color matching and are committed to delivering results that exceed your expectations.

Your products deserve the best, and with VMS' precision color matching capabilities, you can rest assured that your products will stand out against the competition. Whether you're launching a new product line or rebranding an existing one, trust VMS to elevate your brand with unmatched color consistency.

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