10 Questions Every Buyer Should Be Asked By a New Vendor

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Buyer's Checklist

What is your main goal as a procurement manager? Your job is more involved than just saving money. It is asking the what, the when, the where and the how from your suppliers to smartly purchase your custom industrial decals. Making sure your end goal and your specific product needs align with what your vendor can supply is vital. There is a lot to think about and decisions to make in the world of OEM labels and decals. Below, we curated a list of 10 questions every buyer should be asked by a new vendor. 

  1. How will the end product be used?
  2. What type of application surface does it have (smooth, textured, oily, etc.)?
  3. Will it be used indoors or outside (what temperature range will it be exposed to)?
  4. Will it be exposed to chemicals, UV light, cleaners or dirt?
  5. Will it be exposed to abrasive or harsh environments? Scratching, excessive pushing, etc?
  6. Does your product need to meet compliance requirements (ROHS, UL, CSA, ADA, etc.)?
  7. Does it need any special packaging (bar codes, package sizes, kitting etc.)?
  8. What is the lifecycle of your product, does the decal need to last just as long?
  9. Will the label, decal, overlay or nameplate eventually need to be removed?
  10. Are your labels machine- or hand-applied? What type of machine will be used (this information is needed to make sure the labels are oriented correctly for application).

A vendor worth using will be sure to ask all these questions to manufacture equipment decals that perfectly align with your goals. Being thorough in their questioning will make sure that you are receiving an effective label, decal or overlay for your needs.

Have any pain points with your current labels, decals or overlays? Let us take a look.

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