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Welcome to the Visual Marking Systems' blog where you can learn about how to care for vehicle wraps, what you need to consider when purchasing fleet graphics, choosing the right materials for your OEM equipment decals, or designing custom branded apparel for your sales team.

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Toyota Material Handling FleetEight to 10 seconds.
That’s about how long you have to try and convince a person that’s stopped at a red light to identify what you do, decide if they need you, and if they need you, how to get a hold of you.

Fleet vehicle wraps and car wrap graphics are proven to strengthen your marketing efforts. According to the American Trucking Association (ATA):
  • 91% of people notice the words and pictures on fleet vehicles
  • 75% of people develop a favorable impression when vehicle graphics are used
  • 29% of people base their buying decisions on impressions gained from fleet graphics

Advertise Your Company in the Most Cost-Effective Way Possible

When enhancing your business with fleet vehicle wraps and car wrap graphics, find a provider with the expertise and fleet branding solutions to make beautiful, long-lasting vehicle graphics that are ready to face the rigors of the road for years. 

Visual Marking Systems can turn your vehicle or fleet of vehicles into a rolling billboard at a fraction of the price of traditional print advertising. Plus, the expanded visibility fleet vehicle wraps and graphics provides ensures your company maximum exposure. We offer a wide range of custom fleet vehicle graphics, varying from single decals to complete vehicle graphic wraps on small cars to full-size semitrucks and trailers. VMS is proud to offer a wide range of vinyl wrap and truck wrap graphics to suit your industry and business needs.

Our customized products are made using only the finest materials and highest-quality vinyl, perforated window film and overlaminate available.

Representing your brand with a strong visual is all part of creating great customer-brand connections. An enhanced brand identity goes a long way in helping your customers and prospects develop a familiarity with your brand that eventually leads to loyalty.

Designing Fleet Vehicle Graphics

Less Is More

An eye-catching, yet simple design will make the best impression. Keep text to a minimum. Add your company name, contact information and maybe a tagline or short list of your services if your company’s name doesn’t clearly describe your business.

Include Your Logo

Your potential customers most likely associate your business with your logo more than anything else, so be sure it is prominent in your design. If you don’t have a logo, VMS can design one for you.

Add Your Website

Your goal is for your potential customers to contact you when they need your products or services. People are most likely to remember a website than your phone number, so be sure to include your website, not just a phone number, to attract potential customers.

Graphics providers break down fleet vehicle graphics into three different categories: spot graphics, partial wraps and full wraps. With each of those, you can determine how to make your company stand out or how to make your graphic layout make a great impression.

Spot Graphics

Peak Toolworks Spot Graphics

Spot graphics are small, unique visuals that are used to represent your brand. Ideal for a clean and simple appearance, they are easily recognizable, providing a quick and clear brand association. This makes them a powerful tool for boosting brand visibility and recognition. Spot graphics often feature your company logo alongside contact details like your phone number or website, making it effortless for customers to reach out to you.

Partial Fleet Wraps

Enterprise Rent  Truck Partial Wrap on Box Truck

Partial wraps or half wraps are graphics that cover a portion of the vehicle. Partial vehicle wraps offer you greater creativity by adding more color and images to your design, allowing your vehicle to stand out on the road and attract attention wherever it goes. Not only does this budget-friendly approach elevate the look of your fleet, but it also acts as a unique way to showcase your brand and make a lasting impression on potential customers. Whether you choose to go with a bold design or a more subtle approach, partial wraps offer endless possibilities for customization and creativity.

Full Fleet Wraps

Total Wine Full Wrap

When it comes to full vehicle wraps, the creative possibilities are endless. Full wraps cover the whole vehicle in an entirely customized design. This can be a mix of colors and designs or a number of clear, bold images that show the different capabilities you have and how to reach you. This comprehensive approach maximizes brand visibility and impact, turning the fleet into a cohesive, mobile advertising campaign. This method is ideal for businesses seeking maximum exposure and a professional, polished appearance for their entire fleet. 

A Cost-Effective Design to Get Your Fleet Noticed

At VMS, we provide effective design services for all of our clients, including fleet wraps and graphics, POP displays, overlays and more. We develop fleet vehicle wraps for all types of vehicles, whether it be a four-door sedan or a 53-foot trailer. Our focus is on commercial vehicles that have anywhere from two to 200 to 2000 vehicles in their fleet.

Vehicle and fleet branding is both a high-impact and cost-effective way to promote a brand, product or service. Advertise your company using the most cost-effective way possible and turn heads 24/7 with fleet graphics and fleet vehicle wraps by VMS. Contact us to learn more.

Vehicle Wraps Deliver Maximum ROI

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